Finals Brackets Structure

   theatreTECHIE   - 9/17/2018
Now that the last week of the minor round is upon us, it's time to release the Finals Brackets Structure for each division. Both divisions have an upper and lower bracket, meaning that if you start in the upper bracket, you can still get to the Grand Finals, even if you lose one of your matches.

The Finals Bracket for Division 1 is as follows:

The Finals Bracket for Division 2 is as follows:

How Finals Matches Work

Each match in the finals consists of up to three maps. The maps are picked out of the ones played in this season (Upward, Product, Badwater Pro, Ashville and Borneo). The map picks and bans occur in the following order:

Home Team Bans
Away Team Bans
Home Team Picks First Map
Away Team Picks Second Map
The final map remaining is the Decider Map

Once a map has been picked or banned, it cannot be chosen again for the same match.

For information on how to play each map, visit the BO3 Map Section of the Rules.

Good luck to all teams in the last week of the minor round, and good luck to all the teams who make finals!