AU Season 2 Registration is Live!

   Drapperbat   - 1/13/2019
Welcome to Season 2!
Season 2 registrations are open! Your first official is the 7th of February, so be sure to sign up your teams as quickly as you can! You might remember shortly after last season we gave you guys a poll where we asked for criticisms of the league. Well, we have taken those criticisms and made some changes for this upcoming season!

The New Rules

Last season we decided to use the same list of rules as is used in Europe and North America. This caused much confusion, since there are some big differences in the leagues and not all our staff were familiar with the rules. For this season, we have decided to re-write all the rules from scratch! This new rules list was crafted under the supervision, guidance and opinions of all of our staff, so we will all be on the same page (literally and figuratively) much more often! It is strongly recommended that you read up on them here.

The Pick/Ban Weapon System

We heard a lot of interest around the pick/ban system for weapons and have decided to introduce it to this next season! This will give teams the opportunity to create their own weapon whitelists rather than use our default whitelist. Information on exactly how to go about the Pick/Ban system is listed in our new rules.

The Standard Whitelist

We have decided to keep our standard Whitelist for this next season. No weapons have been added or removed

The Map Pool

Season 1 had a very conservative map pool, however in Season 2 we’ve expanded it based on your votes.
-Steel is now in the rotation
-Warmtic is now in the rotation

Heads of Divisions

Each division now has a head. This is a staff member who will be dedicated to that division and should be the first one messaged by participants in that div when a staff member is needed. This is to help us with our organization of running the league!

Inc is the head of Div 1
Drapperbat is the head of Div 2
Sheep! is the head of Div 3
theatreTECHIE is not the head of any specific divison, but rather he will be the admin you message when your designated head of the division is unavailable or unable to help resolve a conflict


We’re aiming to get much more polish into our casted matches this season! We hope to see you all there watching the highs and lows of the season


We’re very excited for this next season! Feel free to message any of our staff if you have questions concerning Season 2 or the new rules. Good luck for Season 2!
-The RGL staff

Credit to Minty#3621 for SFM poster