Week 5! Attack/Defence Enters the Ring

   Drapperbat   - 3/5/2019
This week is on CP Steel. This is AU RGL's first Attack/Defend map in an official, but fear not, it plays out pretty much the same as other stopwatch gamemodes like payload. For more info, refer to our rules (available in the top navbar as always).

This is also the last week of the minor round for Div 2! Next week Div 2 will be progressing to finals while Div 1 still has a few weeks of the minor round to go.

One more thing, if you're playing on the official match date (Thursday, 8pm) and need an RGL server to play your match, you'll need to contact me (Drapperbat) instead of Techie. If you're playing at a later date then don't worry about it!

Huge credits to Minty for doing our artwork this week.

Good luck to all teams, and try not to fall in the pit!
-Drapperbat & RGL