Div 2 Playoffs! And Week 6 Div-1 Info

   Drapperbat   - 3/11/2019
Hello everyone! We're deep in the season now and Div-2 has reached playoffs. Congratulations to "Is this Highlander?", "Bad Dragons", "Nik-6", and "Menacing Menaces" for making it into the Div-2 playoffs!

There's a big chunk of information waiting for you in the match comms of your Semi-Final matches, but for convenience's sake I'm going to re-post it right here.

The semi finals are 1v2 and 3v4. The winner of 1v2 will go straight to the grand final, while the loser will have to play against the winner of 3v4 in the preliminary final. The winner of the preliminary final will then take the other spot in the grand final.

The map list that is available to pick/ban from is:
- PL Upward
- KOTH Ashville
- PL Badwater Pro
- KOTH Product
- CP Steel
- KOTH Warmtic
- PL Borneo

The order of the pick/bans is as follows:
1. Away Team ban
2. Home Team ban
3. Home Team pick 1st map
4. Away Team pick 2nd map
5. Away Team ban
6. Home Team pick decider map

Additionally, pick/ban weapon whitelists will be used unless BOTH teams agree to use the default whitelist. For more information on the Pick/Ban weapon process, check our rules. All pick/ban communication must be through match comms.

Also, don't forget the home team must provide the server!

It's been a long time since we've casted a match, so feel free to contact me (Drapperbat) with your planned match time if you'd like to get your Semi-Finals match casted!

Div-1 Info
As for Div-1, you're still in the regular season so you'll be playing on Warmtic this week, the map that was voted for in the community. Good luck, have fun, play nice!

-Drapperbat & the AU RGL Team