AU Season 2

Week 4 - Product

Match Date
02/28/2019 08:00 PM AEDT
Default Date
02/28/2019 08:00 PM AEDT

Match Comms


 02/26/2019 10:40 PM AEDT
Welcome to Week 4!

The match this week is on KOTH Product, which is played as a first to four. Each half ends when one team has won 2 rounds. For further clarification, consult our rules, available in the top navbar.
You may use a pick/ban weapon whitelist this week if both teams agree to use it in match comms 24 hours before the match starts.

As Bad Dragons is the home team, they are responsible for obtaining the server this week.

Good luck to both teams!

Hokuto Auto Generated - Bad Dragons
 03/02/2019 08:43 PM AEDT
Match score submitted. Final score
Bad Dragons: 2.0
Semi-Joined Eyebrows:1.0